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Travel Tips

  • If you are interested in motorcoach charters or escorted tours, ask for the charters/tour department when you call.

  • For motorcoach charters, provide the company with details on the destination, exact itinerary, the approximate number of people, and the types of activities your group is interested in; then inquire about trip costs. Also, ask for recommendations on lodging, restaurants and tourist attractions. Motorcoach and tour company professionals deal with these organizations constantly and can negotiate favorable group rates.

  • Inquire about the type, age and model of the coach the company will provide and about restrooms, videos, music, and other amenities. Short trips may not require the "extras" and may reduce costs.

  • On prepackaged tours, decide in advance how much you want to spend. Costs usually includes transportation, meals, lodging, tips, baggage handling, and attractions admission.

  • Inquire about and understand the company's policies on payment and cancellation before you charter a coach or book an escorted tour.